2018 My Place in Dingalan /Museum Project

Aurora Art Residency Project, Dingalan, Aurora, the Philippines

Story about water flood in 2004 by Jose Buena • We were at the evacuation site for almost two months, we spent the month of December there at FTC. We were given rations from all over the country and from abroad, including canned goods and clothes. But don’t tell anyone, some of the original items and canned goods were not distributed and kept by the former DSWD chief here. Don’t tell anyone you heard it from us.

I participated Aurora Art Residency Project from the 15th of August to the 16th of September 2018. I conducted several art projects with a community in Dingalan, Aurora, in the Philippines.

My Place (August -September 2018)

I interviewed eleven people in Dingalan. I asked about the daily life and memorable events of this area during the interviews. Then I make signboards and set them up where the stories happened. “My Place”, in this project people’s experiences and memories will be shared through the signboards. The interviews are describing such as childhood memories in this area, thoughts and memories from BHW (Barangay Health Worker), stories of the water flood that happened in 2004.

Story about BHW(Barangay Health Worker) by Mary Grace Metante • Being a BHW is fun but also hard work because when they call us there is a lot of things to be done. We are required to be on duty at least once a month. We take the malnourished children to the Health, and we feed them, and we take measurements and weigh them also to monitor their health.

Museum of Dingalan (2019?)

Currently, there are no museums in Dingalan, but I think that it can be started with a little ingenuity. I will collect memories and things that people believe essential in the areas and display them in the “Museum”. I think that it will be a great museum if people both in and out can see such a precious collection. This time I would like to tackle the temporary exhibition of that collection as the first step of “Museum of Dingalan”.

Memories at school (2019?)

Workshops will be conducted with children at elementary schools in Dingalan and the children record memories in the schools. Schools are a place of learning and experiences for children. The school is also a place to meet new friends. The experience of childhood becomes essential memories even after becoming adults.

Team Dingalan Tomas Leonor, Tatsuo Inagaki, Rye Tipay, Bong Mariano
Team Dingalan Tomas Leonor, Rye Tipay, Bong Mariano