My Place in Muritz National Park

My Place/Muritz National Park

15 August – 10 September 1999
The 8th Open-Air Symposium at the Muritz National Park
Muritz National Park, Germany
I was invited to produce work for the 8th Open-Air Symposium at the Muritz National Park. This is a symposium on the environment that is held at this park in Germany. Every year several artists are selected from a list of applicants to stay and produce work in the park for the symposium.
I collected local residents’ personal stories about the area. From such interviews I produced plaques recounting the stories, and installed them at the actual places associated with the stories. Following a suggestion from the villages’ people, I chose for the site of this project a path that connects the two small villages of Carpin and Bergfeld within the park. As for the design of my plaques, I employed the same design as used for the park’s guidance signboards.
The project evolved through a series of collaborations with the symposium’s executive committee and the people in the villages, taking appropriate forms as regards the selection of sites, interviews, and production of plaques. With the completion of the plaques, the path became a site where people can be soothed by imaginative stories and talk about the area and the events that happened in it in the past. It also serves as a path connecting the memories of the people in these two villages.


第8回ミューリッツ国立自然公園野外シンポジウム 参加作品
私はこの地域での人々の個人的な体験をインタビューし、インタビューを基にサインボードを作り、実際にその話の起こった場所に設置するプロジェクトを行った。村の人達からの提案で、私のプロジェクトを実施する場所として、CarpinとBergfeld という公園内の小さな村を結ぶ一本の道を選んだ。また、サインボードのデザインに関しては、実行委員会からのアイディアで、ドイツの国立自然公園で使われる案内板のデザインが採用された。



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