2002 Grizedale Museum, Grizedale, United Kingdom

Grizedale Museum
16 June -16 September 2002
Grizedale Arts, Artist-in-Residence Programme
Grizedale Visitor Centre
Grizedale, United Kingdom

I was invited to an artist-in-residency programme in Grizedale in the Lake District, England. I realised a project about the region and the people in the region there.
Firstly, I conducted a series of in-depth fieldwork research about Grizedale, and interviewed five groups of people who live and work in the vicinity, asking about their life, relationships with the place, and memorable things that had happened in the area. The results of my fieldwork, including the interviews , were ultimately presented to the public inside the Grizedale Visitor Centre, in the form of Grizedale Museum accompanied by texts, images, and some commemorative objects.
This ‘museum’ has functioned as a place where Grizedale’s local people and visitors from elsewhere gather, relax, talk about their ideas and memories, and contemplate their relationships with their hometown and loved ones. Grizedale Museum has become a permanent installation at the Visitor Centre, and attracted many visitors to date. It is also used for their educational programmes including a workshop for children.

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