1998 Museum as Wonderland: museums within a museum

Museum as Wonderland: museums within a museum
17 — 23  November 1998
Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
This project was commissioned by the Fukuoka Art Museum. Here I was invited to focus on the ‘deconstruction of the museum’. I had conducted my research on this theme for six months, based on fieldwork at the museum and other related locations, as well as written sources. The resulting stimulative discussion relating to concepts of art, with people working in the institutional environment became a key aspect in deconstructing the institution. Therefore, I asked the people who are involved in the museum in various ways (i.e. curators, receptionists, security guards, waiters and waitresses of the museum cafe, and so forth) to submit their ideas to exhibit in the small spaces called ‘museums within a museum’. Their ideas for the ‘museums’ were instructed to be based on what they believe important to be exhibited as ‘art’. During the exhibition I conducted a series of gallery talks in which I interviewed those involved in making ‘exhibitions’. This constituted a performance.

Museum as Wonderland: museums within a museum
福岡市美術館 福岡 日本



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