1996 Workshop for the Trial Domain

Workshop for the Trial Domain
13 June – 13 July 1996
Trial Domain Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo
I was commissioned a series of workshops for art college students by the Tama Art University Museum. I conducted three types of workshops. First, in the Museum a group of students and I reconstructed a life-size gallery space of the Lunami Gallery in Tokyo. I asked them to organize a series of exhibitions there. Secondly, I asked them to conduct a series of interviews with gallery directors and artists in Tokyo, and to publish a book of the interviews. Lastly, I asked them to reconstruct an art-related panel discussion I organized when I was an art college student. The students read the script based on the documentation of the discussion. At the end of the workshop I organized a discussion on sites for artistic expression with the students who participated in this project.
This may be something specific to Japan, but art education at art colleges in Japan lays great emphasis on technical aspects of producing works. Through these workshops, I wanted to provide the art students with an opportunity to think about the relationship between society and art, or the positioning of artist in a social context. Art and artists’ activities in Japan are separated from the society. I am concerned with such a situation, and I still feel strongly the need of a site where I can construct the relationship between art and society.

Workshop for the Trial Domain
多摩美術大学美術館 東京 日本 Trial Domain



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