2002 Moya Museum: Shoshiro Kawagoe and Moya

Moya Museum: Shoshiro Kawagoe and Moya
25 May – 23 June 2002
Artist-in-Residence exhibition
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori, Japan

During my stay at Aomori Contemporary Art Centre as part of their artist-in-residence scheme, I interviewed Shoshiro Kawagoe, a local resident who lives in the town of Moya, close to the Art Centre. I presented the results as Moya Museum in a local town hall.
In the ‘Memuseum’, texts and video based on the interviews, memorial objects, and photographs were displayed. In the interviews Mr. Kawagoe talked about his personal history, relationships with Moya, and local history and incidents. The displays also included his personal belongings such as old agricultural tools, old maps of the area, and books documenting the local history.
I also conducted a workshop with children in the Moya district about their memories in Moya, and reflected the results in the same museum. In this project, I tried to reconstruct and represent an individuals’ relationships with his town and its people through his experiences and memories.

雲谷公民館 青森市 日本
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