2001 Tappie Museum, Santa Monica

Tappie Museum
21 July – 21 August 2001
L.A. International Art Biennial
18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, USA
Tappie Museum was a project dedicated to documenting the life of ‘Tappie’, an 83-year-old ordinary American citizen and long-time resident of Santa Monica. Funded by the Asian Cultural Council and the Japan Foundation (Tokyo/LA), I was appointed to the artist-in-residence programme at the 18th Street Arts Complex in Santa Monica to produce work in collaboration with local residents and artists.
In the interviews Tappie recounted various stories of his life with his unique sense of humour. The stories included his birth in China in 1918, his immigration to America in his childhood, the beginning of his life in Santa Monica, incidents during the war, his wife whom he met during a trip to Mexico, his other family members including his children and grandchildren, and his operation for lung cancer. Among the commemorative objects displayed in the museum are toys and dolls from the time when his children were infants, together with some old photographs of Santa Monica.
By touring around inside the museum, visitors are able to survey the life of this unique individual, who however is not a celebrity but just an ‘ordinary person’. Through his life story, the relationships among people and place in the region, and the local history, are articulated. This project was the first in which I created a museum dedicated to a local individual.
18th Street Arts Complex
サンタモニカ アメリカ
ロサンゼルス・インターナショナル・アート・ビエンナーレ 参加作品
「タピー博物館」は、「タピー(Tappie)」というニックネームのサンタモニカに長年住んでいる当時83歳のアメリカ人の一生を追ったプロジェクトである。ACC(アジアン・カルチュラル・カウンシル)と国際交流基金(東京/ロサンゼルス)の助成を受けて、18th Street Arts Complex(サンタモニカ)のアーティスト・イン・レジデンスに招聘され、地元の住民やアーティストとともに作品を制作した。
なお、TappieことWilliam Jungさんは2004年1月27日に亡くなられました。



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