2014- Takasato Project

Hako boat art project in the forest (Kitakata city, Takasato district)

The Takasato project is an art project in Kitakata City, Fukushima Prefecture, Takasato-machi, and places the subject of the project in the area and works with a method that closely follows the community. We have been producing works by collaborating with people in various regions both in Japan and abroad and thinking that continuing such projects in different regions will pose social problems, Feedback from I think that is big. In this project, we will develop collaboration work set in the community, focusing on the connection between individuals and individuals, in particular, the theme of the project is to focus on the effect that the relationship between this area and individuals will bring to the community I want to hit it.

Actual project

We plan several different projects in parallel and develop them in the area by fieldwork and production. Focusing on various cultural activities in the region, directly experienced artists participating directly, various compositions obtained from those activities

  1. Make a piece as a work.
  2. Works based on surveys on regional and individual relationships
  3. We are planning to conduct research + production such as surveys and workshops on distinctive places, events and communities in the area.


In FY 2014, we have started 1 (Takasato Riverside Walk), 2 (Interview with people living in Takasato) 3, (Exhibition at Fureai Land Takasato), and will continue to develop and continue them after FY 2015 It will be. We will start organising these activities as records of Takato project from FY 2018.


Organising documents


  1. Activities with students
  2. Rice Terrace Walking (Picnic Event)


  1. Install illustration in Kaigyu Land
  2. Boat race
  3. Rice Terrace Walking (Picnic Event)


  1. Survey on high school students who discovered Kaigyu (Kaigyu Land Takasato) A complex in Kitakata City, “Kaigyu Land Takasato”, which was made using elementary school buildings that were discontinued, was discovered from Takacho, which was once in the sea Mixed voices of various organisms being exhibited are displayed. In the facility, Kaigyu is a symbolic existence, and I will explore the relationship between Taka and Kaikyu, which once occurred in the discovery of Kaikyu, from the relationship with people.
  2. Takasato Cultural Festival (scheduled to participate in the Takasato Cultural Festival to be held at the Takamori Elementary School Gymnasium) This year, we will participate in various activities centred on various residents in Takasato. (Toyasan Mountain Openings, Terraced Walkens, Others) Display the activities participated as documentation.
  3. Boat Race
  4. Park Golf Practice


  1. Research the “dream” of people who visit the contact town Takasato and exhibited the results at Sobayama Dream Exchange Building.
  2. basic research of the area