2012-2013 London Schooling

The School of Art, Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design, University of the Arts London

If you are given a chance to study something you wanted but never tried due to lack of time in your busy life, what would you do? In this contemporary information-oriented society, there are so many options to probe into something you wanted to know – browsing the internet, seeking some advice from someone you know, reading some books, or taking a course at school.

Living in London for my sabbatical leave allows me to think about these opportunities for learning new skills and gain in knowledge through a series of hands-on practices. It is a different experience from taking a break, but it certainly gives me some time to re-think about the essential issues for learning, free from all too familiar existing system of  Japanese universities.

The project that Inagaki learned various things (e.g. fossil hunting, Indian dishes, sushi, roller skating, piano, guitar, drawing, stained glass, sewing etc.) from local people in the one year during London stay and recorded each result.



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