The situation of creating artworks


Katipunan Ave Diliman, Quezon City Metro Manila, 2018
Katipunan Ave Diliman, Quezon City Metro Manila, 2018

About the past fifteen years, I focused mainly on child rearing and family,  and there was a slightly harsh situation about my artworks. My son became a junior high school third grader, tying a little over the rebellious pass. Someday my wife’s job has stabilised and decided to list his work consciously.

Sabbatical, five years ago, was a leave feel for the whole family, and in London where my wife was a student, my son also learned all year long at the international school was a big goal. In that sense, as a researcher, we could not have been satisfied with just a little digestion.

So, I decided to come alone to the Philippines this time. My wife also has my job, and my son is studying at school, so I am happy with the basketball club.

My interest is changing a bit more than before. The career as a university faculty member is getting much longer. In addition to achievements and research as an artist, it is my problem whether I can offer better programs than university students and universities.







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