Balay Sugilanon / Story House (Roxas, the Philippines)
2018My Place in Dingalan /Museum Project (Aurora, the Philippines)
2018Bunjin-ga as a conceptual art practice (Pilzen, the Czech Republic) 
2017Dio è sopra la mia testa. (Chiaromonte, Italy)
2014 – presentTakasato Project (Fukushima, Japan)
2013Kitakata Museum Kyuetsu Inagashi and his paintings ( Fukushima, Japan)
2012-2013London Schooling (London)
2009-2011Chiyoda Studies, Chiyoda City, Tokyo [Catalogue]
2010My Place 2010, Arcus Project, Moriya City, Japan [Catalogue]
2008 – presentDoi Saket Project, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2009Senmata-Bunko Project, Shizuoka Art Gallery, Shizuoka [Catalogue]
2009Himizo Museum Project, Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale  (Tokamachi, Niigata) [Catalogue]
2009Nakanoshima Games, Suito Osaka, Nakanoshima, Osaka [Catalogue]
2008Childhood Museum, Arcus Project, Moriya City, Ibaraki
2007Childhood Museum, F Gallery, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2007Tatsuo Inagaki Satellite Laboratory, BankART Studio NYK, Yokohama
2007Belfast Museum, Queen Street Gallery, Belfast
2005Childhood Museum, IImawashi, Merz Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland [catalogue]
2005Childhood Museum, Toki Art Space, Tokyo, Japan [catalogue]
2004Childhood Museum, Localismos, Mexico City
2003My Place, Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art, Antalya, Turkey [Catalogue]
2002Grizedale Museum, Grizedale, UK
2002Moya Museum: Shoshiro Kawagoe and Moya, Artist-in-Residence Programme Exhibition, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori, Japan [Catalogue]
2001Daikanyama Museum: Tom and Daikanyama, Daikanyama Installation, Hillside West, Tokyo, Japan [Catalogue]
2001My Place, Arcus Project, Moriya City, Japan [Catalogue]
2001Tappie Museum, LA International Art Biennial, 18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica,USA
2000My Favourite Painting, Public Art Project, Royal Holloway & Bedford New College, University of London, UK
2000Dale Museum, Nordic Artists’ Centre in Dale Studio 2, Dale, Norway
2000Welcome to the County Gallery of Sogn og Fjordane! The County Gallery of Sogn og Fjordane, Forde, Norway
1999My Place, the 8th International Artists Open Air Symposium, Muritz National Park, Germany [Catalogue]
1999My Place, Le Vent des Forêts, Meuse, France [Catalogue]
1998Museums within Museum, Museum as Wonderland, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, Japan [Catalogue]
1998Swedish Language School, EVENTA4, Upsala, Sweden
1996Trial Domain Project, Trial Domain ’96, Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo [Catalogue]
1996Japanese Language School, Japanese Artists in Hamburg, Kampnagel K3, Hamburg, Germany [Catalogue]
19931000 sticks, Baguio Art Festival, Baguio, the Philippines
1993Found Objects, Naguri Outdoor Art Festival, Saitama
1992Found Objects, Idea from Japan, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Perth, Australia
1992Found Objects, The 2nd Visayas Islands Visual Arts Exhibition and Conference, Bacolod, Philippines
1992Found Object, Perth, Australia
19925000 Sticks, Nature and Culture, Husum, Germany [Catalogue]
1991Found Objects, A Room for Thinking of Beuys, Watari-um, The Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo