LAWAS, a public art project in UP Diliman

LAWAS launch event April 11
LAWAS launch event April 11

I participated in the opening of LAWAS, a public art project in UP Diliman yesterday. This is an outdoor exhibition by three artists, Agnes Arellano, Mark Justiniani, and Lee Paje, curated by Tessa Maria Guazon and Cecilia De la Paz, UP Department of Art Studies faculty.

LAWAS launch event April 11

昨日LAWASというパブリックアートプロジェクトのオープニングに参加した。同大学芸術学部教授のTessa Maria Guazon と Cecilia De la Pazのキュレーションによる3人のアーティストAgnes Arellano、Mark Justiniani、Lee Pajeによる展覧会。



I launched my blog.

From April 2018, I was enrolled as a visiting researcher at the University of the Philippines Diliman for sabbatical leave.

It is 5th of June today. It means I have already been two months since I came to the Philippines. However, I thought about trying to blog things I’ve written up little by little. I had been thinking about writing a blog for a long time, but I have not gotten any opportunity to grasp the chance as I am quite a lazy person.

I have never kept up writing a diary since I was born, I am not sure I can do it or not. Anyway, since I came to the Philippines, there are so many materials which I write, so I think it might be the time to start writing. Also, there are occasions when there are more opportunities to write than before, so there is a meaning of future story making as well.